Refurbishment service for ceramic brake discs

CCB brakediscs with Siliciumcarbonate surface layer (SGL ):

Audi, Bentley, Porsche PCCB, BMW

PCCB 350mm front discs                                                1395 €

up to 370 mm diameter                                                  1.395 €

from 370 to 399 mm diameter                                   1.495 €

from 400 mm diameter                                                  1.550 €

fixing element for PCCB                                                      75 €

small repair (chipped edges)                                           820 €

the prices are per disc plus shipping and plus VAT including 12 month warranty
Deposit for refurbished brake disc in exchange: 700,00 € per brake disc.

CCM brakediscs (Brembo)

(Ferrari, Maserati, Corvette, Nissan GTR, McLaren, Aston Martin, Jaguar F-Type)
 please notice! because of our multiple vacuum infiltration processes and material REBRAKE refurbished CCM discs are stronger and will be more durable.

from 350 mm diameter                                    1.295 €

from 380 mm diameter                                    1.350 €

small repair (chipped edges)                              750 €

track spec.                                                                    300 € (additional charge)

fixing element for CCM                                          75 €

Ferrari 599 398mm front disc
the prices are plus shipping and plus VAT including 12 month warranty
track spec. = special treatment for racing cars or cars used on track. our special treatment increases the density of the discs which makes them stronger and gives them a longer lifetime. also more agressive pads can be used.
Deposit for refurbished brake disc in exchange: 700,00 € per brake disc.

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Delivery times

In the past, we have unfortunately experienced some delivery delays. The company, that owned the patent for carbon-ceramic brake discs refurbishment and produced for us, has turned out to be an unreliable partner many times. In June 2019 REBRAKE bought the technology as well as worldwide marketing rights and took over the production. After two months, we can now reassure, that the cycle time of appx. 30 workdays can and will be met.

The refurbishment process generally lasts for CCB – Carbon Ceramic Brakes (Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, Lamborghini) 35 working days and for CCM – Ceramic Composite Material (Ferrari) 30 working days.

Already refurbished ceramic brake discs are partially available immediately from stock in exchange. In this case, we reserve a deposit of 700,00 € per disc, which will be returned upon receipt and recoverability of the old discs. Please contact us for availability, and please ask for the exchange service terms

Delivery service

Orders are shipped worldwide via DHL Express. The shipping costs are often provided upon request. A pickup is also possible by arrangement.


Payment is by cash in advance (bank transfer)