Prices Renewal Service for Ceramic Brake Discs

PCCB 350mm hinten
PCCB 350mm rear

Prices for CCB brake disc

(SGL, with silicon carbonate surface e.g. Audi, Bentley, BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche)

PCCB 350 mm front

1.890 € plus 19% VAT.

up to 370 mm diameter

1.895 € plus 19% VAT.

from 370 mm to 399 mm diameter

1.895 € plus 19% VAT.

from 400 mm diameter

1.950 € plus 19% VAT.

Minor repair (damage to edge)

850 € plus 19% VAT.

Fastening element (floater) for PCCB single

95 € plus 19% VAT.

incl. 12 months warranty!
Deposit for used brake disc in exchange: 700.00 € per brake disc, pleaase note our information on the exchange service!

CCM Ferrari 599 398mm
CCM Ferrari 599 398mm

Prices CCM brake disc

(Brembo, without surface e.g. Ferrari, Mc Laren, Aston Martin, Corvette, Maserati, Nissan) CCM brake discs become harder and more resistant through our processing (multiple vacuum polymer infiltration).

350 mm diameter

1.790 € plus 19% VAT.

from 360 mm diameter

1.890 € plus 19% VAT.

Minor repair

850 € plus 19% VAT.

Track Spec.*

300 € plus 19% VAT.

Fastening element for CCM brake discs single

75 € plus 19% VAT.

incl. 12 months warranty!
Deposit for used brake disc in exchange: 700.00 € per brake disc, please note our information on the exchange service!
*Track Spec. = we increase the density in the brake discs through a complex special treatment. This makes the CCM discs significantly more resistant and robust. This is ideal for racing vehicles or vehicles that are often used on trackdays.

Shipping method

Shipping is worldwide via DHL Express. We will gladly inform you of the shipping costs upon request. Self-collection is also possible by arrangement.

Delivery times

The renewal process usually takes 30 working days for CCB – Carbon Ceramic Brakes (Audi, Bentley, BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche) and 25 working days for CCM – Ceramic Composite Material (Aston Martin, Corvette, Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, Nissan). Ceramic brake discs that have already been reconditioned are sometimes also available immediately from stock in exchange. We always try to keep the most common brake discs available from stock. In this case, we retain a deposit of €700.00 per brake disc, which will be refunded upon receipt of the old brake discs. Please note our information on deposit processing. Please ask us about availability. All our delivery dates are non-binding and may vary considerably from case to case. We do not accept any liability or compensation with regard to delivery dates.

Payment method

Payment is made by cash in advance (bank transfer) or by credit card (MasterCard, VISA; plus 3% credit card fee). When paying by credit card, the credit card account will be debited with the order.

Instant exchange and deposit processing

If we have the right brake disc for you in stock, immediate dispatch is possible. In this case we charge you a deposit of 700€ per brake disc, as we have to make sure that we get back a renewable brake disc. All brake discs that are renewed by us are chemically steamed off in the first step so that the disc is free of lining residues. Then the disc is x-rayed to detect any cracks. Brake discs with cracks are an absolute safety risk and will be sorted out by us. The deposit amount will be refunded after this inspection and if the old disc is in perfect condition. If an old disc shows cracks, these will be documented and the disc in question will be returned to the customer. Please note that this process can also take about 30 working days.