left to right: Dr. Ing. Tom Liensdorf (Development), Prof. Dr. Ing. Walter Krenkel (Advisory Board), Rami Hyary (Rebrake USA), Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Dietz (CEO)


In 2015, Wolfgang Dietz founded a Start-Up and introduced a unique carbon ceramic brake refurbishment service, using a technology invented by a Slovenian engineer who had a manufacturing facility in Slovenia. The technology used vacuum to force the used carbon ceramic base rotor to absorb the liquefied silicon carbide. While the forced absorption was a revolutionary process at the time, it was slow, and controlling the thickness and quality of the friction layer was difficult.

In 2020, Mr. Dietz and his partners founded a new company called Rebrake GmbH. Rebrake bought the Slovenian technology. By chance, Rebrake was introduced to Walter Krenkel, PhD, and in cooperation with his department at the University of Bayreuth/ Bavaria, Germany, Rebrake developed a new and better technology that is based on heat, not vacuum to bond the liquified silicon carbide to the rotor. The new process heats the components to 1500 degrees Celsius, significantly improving the speed at which the bonding occurs. Other benefits include a harder friction layer and better control of the thickness of the friction layer. The Rebrake Friction Layer (RFL) product was born, and testing has begun.

In 2022, Rebrake raised capital, patented the new technology and started a new production facility in Bayreuth, Bavaria.

Today, Rebrake is applying the Rebrake friction layer (RFL) to carbon ceramic brake rotors from all over the world.


Dr. Ing. Tom Liensdorf (Materialforschung und Entwicklung)

Prof. Dr. Ing. Walter Krenkel ehem. Universität Bayreuth (Beratung)

Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Dietz, CEO

Johannes Kleinfeller, Produktion

Lukas Gloxin, Produktion

Richard Franke, Produktion