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Prof. Dr. Krenkel held the Chair of Ceramic Materials at the University of Bayreuth and is considered the original “inventor” of the carbon fibre reinforced ceramic brake disc which entered automotive series production around the year 2000. Dr Krenkel is now a member of Rebrake’s Advisory Board and helps us to further develop durability and…

The older carbon-ceramic brake discs are, the more critically the screw connections. they must be checked regularely. Contact corrosion, material fatigue due to permanent heating processes up to 800 degrees Celsius and more cause the screw connections of the ceramic rotor and pot (usually an aluminium alloy or stainless steel) to become friable. This can…

Ceramic brake from Rebrake.

Brake disks made from carbon ceramic can finally be perfectly restored Carbon braking systems have revolutionized motor sport as barely any other innovations have. The highly efficient functioning, the noticeable lower weight, the stable brake performance in race mode, and the extremely long lifespan make ceramic brake disks a must. The ceramic brakes heats up…

Carbon ceramic brakes.

When brake disks made from carbon ceramic are worn down they can be repaired with ease Carbon ceramic brake disks are predominantly used in top class models made by Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes or Lamborghini. Experts think that the highly efficient ceramic brakes will also win over the mid-range market, bit by bit. The advantages…

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