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The service life of carbon ceramic brake discs is enormous, renewed discs should last over 100,000km Motorsport fans, environmental politicians and activists and even ordinary motorists actually agree on this point: carbon ceramic brake discs are the future. Particulate matter is the subject of city centres. Ceramic brake discs in our vehicles could effectively counteract…


High-performance and environmentally friendly: REBRAKE renewal service for ceramic brake discs of all manufacturers and diameters The company FOXX Automotive Components from Weßling near Munich has established a worldwide unique process with REBRAKE, a powerful and reliable process for the renewal of ceramic brake discs. Brake discs of all sizes and manufacturers, even older brake…


High-performance substances such as carbon ceramic require innovative procedures High-performance materials are increasingly being used in the automotive sector in particular. They are especially effective and light. With regard to innovative ceramic brake discs, these materials are also particularly durable and therefore environmentally friendly. The high-performance ceramic also ensures significantly lower levels of particulate matter….


From the incoming inspection to pyrolysis at 1,100 degrees Celsius – how a worn ceramic brake disc becomes a product in mint condition again It is as trenchant as no other, suitable for racing and highly efficient. It may be durable, but it is also shockingly expensive. Many owners of sports cars and high-quality limousines…

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