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Restored brake discs are at least as good as brand new ones

News has spread that worn, even well-used ceramic brake discs can be restored by the unique procedure. The results can be seen- all the properties of refurbished ceramic brake discs are at least as good as those of new brake discs. The initial inspection is decisive for the restoration. Every worn brake disc delivered to us must pass this test. Clear exclusion criteria for our close inspection are damage affecting the core of the brake disc. If the x-ray examination reveals hairline cracks, the disc cannot be refurbished because only the surface of the disc can be restored.

The initial inspection of the ceramic brake disc is decisive for the restoration

Once the upper layer has been milled off, the refurbishment procedure is carried out. Material is added to the ceramic brake disc at 1100 degrees Celsius until it has reached its target weight. The new surface is extremely hard and gives the brake discs the properties of a brand new disc. The refurbishment of ceramic brake discs does not depend on the car make or model. Experts are certain that now it is possible to restore ceramic brake discs, they will become increasingly prevalent. In 2001, Porsche first fitted carbon ceramic brake discs in the sports car model 911 GT2 of model series 996.

Porsche first used carbon ceramic brake discs in 2001

the much better steering and responsive behaviour, toughness, corrosion-resistance, extreme durability and much lower weight of ceramic brakes in comparison with normal grey cast iron brake discs means that more and more manufacturers are following suit and fitting the innovative brake system in their cars. The secret to the success of ceramic brake discs is their special material properties. The brake discs comprise a core, the so-called disc body and friction layers that are applied to both sides. Silicon carbide is the main component of brake discs. It is responsible for the material’s particular hardness. Carbon fibres provide the necessary toughness and fracture resistance.