Worldwide unique refurbishment service for ceramic brake discs

Modern sports cars or high-powered top models of the upper class are more and more equipped factory with expensive ceramic brake systems. Until now, worn or damaged rotors had to be replaced with expensive OEM parts. The replacing of one ceramic brake disc often costs 5.000,00 € or more.

With REBRAKE, the refurbishment service for used ceramic brake discs, worn or damaged ceramic brake discs are brought back into the new state, regardless of diameter, manufacturer or age of the rotors.

The turn around time for Rebrake overhauled carbon ceramic brake disc to the customer will be approximately 15 working days. Rebrake uses a proprietary process that we developed in cooperation with the world’s leading expert for ceramic compound-materials at a German university. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Krenkel is considered the inventor of the carbon ceramic composite brake disc, and serves as senior advisor to REBRAKE.

Creamic Brake Disc Refurbishment: an exclusive service by REBRAKE

The idea is simple and ingenious, the implementation technically perfect – the worldwide unique repair service for ceramic brake discs. REBRAKE´s Area specific repairs and full-surface reconditioning of the worn brake rotors are accomplished during the reconditioning phase with high-tech process. A new friction layer is made of the combination of liquid silicification and high-temperature oven. This process is what bonds the friction layer and the brake rotor support structure ensuring excellent adhesion. In addition, the process is fast, so you get your reconditioned brakes back quickly – in most cases, within one or two weeks

Worn ceramic brake disks are ideally suited for refurbishment

First, the ceramic brake discs are subjected to an incoming inspection. They are cleaned, weighed and x-rayed to ensure that they are structurally sound and can continue to be used. Even the smallest hairline cracks are a criterion for exclusion. As a rule, however, ceramic brake pads are free of structural damage and are perfectly suitable for renewal. The damaged surface is milled off and replaced with new undercoats and a new surface.

Now new: Minor repair of edge damage

We now also offer minor repairs of edge damage. We are able to fill these with material and bake them. This prevents further detachment of material or cracking. Depending on the type of ceramic brake disc, this service costs from 600€.

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