“this is not our first order – after small repairs of chipped edges – we got also completely resurfaced PCCB – we and our customer are happy” TechArt, November 2019

” PCCB from a 991 Turbo , our recommendation for REBRAKE” Cartronic, August 2019

“Sehr gute Qualität, REBRAKE können wir weiterempfehlen“ JZM Porsche, Russ Rosenthal, Sales Director, July 2019
“Good afternoon Wolfgang, I got the brakes installed, and they seem to be working wonderfully. Thank you very much” Dan Diaco, Tampa Florida, owner of a McLaren 675LT, July 2019

“Zuerst war ich sehr skeptisch, doch die Qualität hat mich und meinen Kunden wirklich überzeugt, vor allem in Relation zu einem Satz neuer Bremsscheiben für 22.000 € für den 997 GT3 RS meines Kunden. Auch für den 997 Turbo eines anderen Kunden der nur auf der Straße fährt war REBRAKE die beste Alternative. Er fährt die Scheiben schon seit 20.000 km, die sind absolut wie originale Scheiben – kein Unterschied” Matthias Weiland, Weiland Racing Team

“We have now finished the North Island Endurance Race season in the 458 Challenge using your Sicom re-furbished CCM rotors. I would like to report and advise that we have found these rotors excellent in both performance and durability.”
Tim O’Connor, Director of ACS Limited

“On the Spa race track I have tested the refurbished brake discs on my 997 Turbo S Carbio. They are excellent and much snappier. In my view, they brake better as before, so I can highly recommend the refurbishment of ReBrake!”
Dipl.Ing. Thorsten Wimmer, Geschäftsführer Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Solingen GmbH
“Very good service, very kind and understanding. Answered all my questions before purchase, and when finally i decided to order my Porsche 996 GT2 discs, they arrived with DHL Express only 2 days after, perfect service, can recommend.”

“You may remember when I first enquired about the SICOM discs refurbished last year I Asked about Their testing for very high speed as I Was Concerned about this aspect. Well I tested them myself at last Saturday’s event at vmax Bruntingthorpe airfield. I am running the new Endless Pace street pads (made for PCCB) and I Was a little nervous how the new brake set up would react to very high speeds so I took it easy on the first run and took it to 200mph (322kph) about 3/4 down the length of the track to give myself plenty of braking area …….. There was zero drama the brakes hauled my speed down no problem, confidence was resumed.
I Followed with about 25 runs down the airstrip all above 203 mph (327kph) and topped out for the day with a 207 mph (333 kph) run which was the fastest emission legal car of the day and the brakes took the punishment of full power 3XXkph stops going to zero in about 650 meters every time.”

“We tested rotors refurbished by SICOM on a Porsche GT3 RS 4,0 and a 997 GT2 at the Hockenheim race track. One of our customers and me drove 28 laps in a row at full racing speed. afterwards we checked the condition of the rotors and I must say they looked really fine. I didn´t recoginize a difference to the OEM discs. I will definately recommend this new service to my customers“ Nico Wieth, CEO of german sportscar specialist a-workx (Porsche and Ferrari)

“I was wondering how your stock of refurbished rotors was as I am thinking of getting a spare set for this season and I have a friend who also has a 458 Challenge and after I told him of your excellent service and great product, he is also wanting a set.”