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All the properties of restored carbon ceramic brake discs are at least as good as new ones

The internationally unique service from REBRAKE – cost-efficient restoration of worn ceramic brake discs– is the reason why the innovative brake system is gaining increasing popularity. Restored ceramic brake discs fulfil all the properties of new brake discs. They are often even better than brand new ceramic brake discs. Ceramic brake discs are highly effective, biting, extremely stable and expensive. It is primarily super sports cars and limousines that use ceramic brakes. The innovative brake system is gaining increasing popularity. Experts say that mid-range cars will soon be fitted with ceramic brake discs. And there are good reasons why:

  • the considerably lower weight of ceramic brakes in comparison with normal grey cast iron brake discs is noticeable during usage. They can achieve a weight saving of up to 40kg.
  • Ceramic brakes are not only light, but also particularly hard and stable. They are reliable in extreme situations and particularly long-lasting.

None of the deficits of grey cast iron brake discs under heavy load apply to ceramic brake discs. The secret lies in their composition: polymer composite material strengthened with carbon fibres. The only thing against ceramic brake discs is their high purchase price.

Ceramic brake discs are reliable and particularly long-lasting.

Manufacturers calculate the average lifespan of ceramic brake discs as approximately 300,000km. Depending on usage, brake discs can also wear sooner. Wear is evident from grooves that form on the surface of the brake discs. Before the existence of REBRAKE restoration service from FOXX Automotive, brake discs had to be replaced. Replacing a worn brake disc would cost 5000 Euros or more. The refurbishment service does not depend on the brand or type of the ceramic brake disc. Already refurbished brake discs are usually available, so that customers don’t have to be without their car for long.