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The older carbon-ceramic brake discs are, the more critically the screw connections. they must be checked regularely. Contact corrosion, material fatigue due to permanent heating processes up to 800 degrees Celsius and more cause the screw connections of the ceramic rotor and pot (usually an aluminium alloy or stainless steel) to become friable. This can cause screws to break off and compensating springs or even entire floaters (pin elements stuck in the disc) to be lost. This immediately renders a brake disc completely unusable and it must be replaced immediately. It also often happens that the “floaters” block due to rust in the disc, which leads to the fact that an even transmission of the torque is no longer guaranteed. This leads to cracks or even complete breakage of the brake disc. One of our services is the inspection of these connecting elements. We replace the bolts and floaters and make them workable again, so that you can brake safely again.